Financially Fit: Budget Help!

Aspire to a healthy mindset and financial fitness

Let me help you manage your daily lifestyle and partner to develop your personal budget!

Financially Fit: Budget Development

Setting up a practical and manageable budget for your life can be cumbersome. You may wonder where you need to start. You may be overcome with the psychological aspect of having to evaluate your individual purchase decisions. 

Almost half of all generations don’t have a budget set-up for themselves and/or their families according to a Bankrate poll from 2019. Given we have been in an economic expansion there is a consideration about what an economic downturn could mean on personal financial management.

For the record, no one is judging your need for that coffee on Tuesday or the impulse purchase of that shirt that paired so well with your favorite denim. Sometimes we don’t have the ability to take a critical eye or manage the varied inputs that make up our total budget. 

My proposal is to help you get the basics set-up so you have a workable cash flow process. You can get started by filling out an initial contact form! This will give you a good sense of how you have been spending and how that lines up with your goals without spending a fortune. When it’s time, transitioning to a financial planner and/or an accountant to support investment and long-term savings strategies will be a great next step.

What Financially Fit Offers:

•Initial consult with financial goals and review of debt

•1-hour review of your cash flow plan with adjustments to make sure it is actionable

•Affordable options by hour or fixed rate to create a master cash flow

•30-minute check-in consult after 1 month for accountability and Q&A

•Auditing of all debt, investments and plans to set-up the right cash flow

•Referrals for accounting, savings accounts, etc. for the best rates and personal interaction

•Regular newsletters with the latest financial advice from experts in the financial industry that will be applicable to you

Get started by filling out this form and we will reach out with options.