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Bad News and Turning it All Around

Bad news was received in the form of an email. The Lehigh professor helping me with the Fulbright decided, after looking over everything that I would have a difficult time being able to win the scholarship. My pursuit of a business degree and work experience in advertising didn’t exactly hail me as the most likely… Continue reading Bad News and Turning it All Around

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Learning Spanish: old-school style with new application!

I just found out about this fun site: where you can practice a variety of different languages via Skype. I just registered and plan to try it out when I gain the courage to practice my Spanish. Go ahead and click on the logo and check it out! After browsing around for a little… Continue reading Learning Spanish: old-school style with new application!

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And the process continues…

I have encountered a very minor, but annoying, dilemma: there really isn’t any offline material for someone pursuing a teaching career within the EFL field. More specifically, someone who has an interest in utilizing Web 2.0 capabilities within their teaching practice. I know it may seem ridiculous to desire to read a book about these… Continue reading And the process continues…