Potty Training Update – 7 Months In…

7 months later from my initial post when we were in the ABSOLUTE THICK of it, I would say we have a fairly solid routine. We never left home without two solid outfit changes and there were still a decent number of accidents where he was just a little too slow on recognizing the need to go or was having too much fun to realize. About 3 months ago we transitioned from no-diaper naps while still maintaining diapers during the night. We were realizing that our son was getting pretty confused about having diapers during sleep but not when he was awake and I think that might have been the transition that helped us the most.

Now that he can just go whenever he needs to (including the use of a couple of public restrooms with my support), I will say life has gotten even easier with a toddler. I didn’t realize how much it would make a difference, but it really really does.

Our plan is to remove diapers from the nightly routing in a couple of months as he is starting to dislike wearing them completely; I don’t really blame him. He is capable of undressing and dressing and so wearing a diaper seems a bit archaic. I am nervous at the prospect and how many wake-ups we will have to manage but ultimately it always takes less time than you really think. As they always say, the days are long but the years are short.

We bought Goodnites® Disposable Bed Mats and layered them UNDER the fitted sheet and then placed above as well. We bought in bulk from amazon and really at this point just lay them down for “just in case” but he doesn’t have accidents anymore so that’s great!

His new thing is being able to control his bladder but not always wanting to go. It’s impressive how quickly they figure out how their bodies work to be honest. I am always shocked at his progress realizing as an adult how slow my progress is on learning anything new! haha. We try to remind him that whatever he was doing before he can do directly after a bathroom break.

Good luck to all those teaching their kiddos to toilet train. It’s a process but I do feel a sense of accomplishment that we were able to get through it all with only marginal emotional scarring.

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