Living in the World with COVID-19

Moment to moment there is a change in the air. For a brief minute upon waking I have forgotten that we aren’t supposed to go anywhere nonessential. Individuals who care for the sick and dying are now embattled heroes putting themselves and potentially their own families in the path of the pandemic. The inability to use any of our organic senses to identify the virus in our everyday lives is terrifying. The ongoing fatigue of assuming everyone is a carrier, even ourselves.

It feels like decisions are being made without a clear plan or with any serious consideration; speed is of the essence. In life, I have learned that taking a pause to consider what’s best usually allows for you to listen to your instinct. Intentional thought and better decision-making.

The inner push of your soul to protect what’s yours and ensure your loved ones are safe is met with your conscious pulling you to consider how to help others. The amazing thoughtfulness and novel, innovative methods that people and small businesses have developed to keep momentum in this insane time.

My son will never remember or know how his parents worried about the day that we will feel the immediate effect of this disease. Its impact is widespread and is beyond our immediate communities, cities, countries. The worldwide effect is felt in every news story and intimate conversation.

I am fortunate to be able to work from home and maintain a sense of “normalcy.” Yet, it feels odd to talk about anything else at times. How do we just go about our day with the looming dread of what is to come? When this passes, what will be next?


Image from iOS (1).png
Post from nyclive instagram how the city appears in a shutdown state
Trying to maintain our normalcy with daily walks together as a family


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