How many things can I add to my to-do list?

I have really had to learn how to ask for help over the last two weeks. That realization that I cannot do it on my own creates a physical reaction, almost like itchy skin after rolling around in the grass for too long as a kid. Or an adult. Whatever. The point is that I always feel like I can manage it all on my own and it’s become evident that I cannot.

Tackling the following, small items over the next 6-8 months:

  • Wedding – 92 days left to plan and execute (5 months in total)
  • NY Marathon – 4 months left to train (5.5 months in total)
  • Move to the shore from outside of NYC – COMPLETE!
  • Working full time with work travel (lots of quality time at the airport)
  • Back to Crossfit post-injury (the first workout back left me sore for 3 days! Thankfully has been better since then. Whew)
  • Vacation, weddings, social activities
  • Starting my own side venture
  • Learning to play guitar (I can read music but my playing needs a LOT of help)
  • Scuba Certification
  • Find a good community /cause to volunteer (need to be better about giving back)
  • At least 30% of my pilot’s license hours (I need 50 hours)
  • Maintain healthy living (i.e. cook a lot)
  • Plan our honeymoon (I have no clue where we should go ahhhh!)
  • Stay sane
Guitar practice
Practicing!! Picture I sent to Patrick when he was working late in NYC. I have a long way to go so not sure why I am smiling.


I acknowledge I like to take on as much as I can and tend to be more motivated when I have a few “things in the hopper.” I would never actually say this phrase out loud but captures the sentiment well.






Patrick at wedding
My sister, her hat and Patrick at one of our weddings for my good friend out in the UK! Always up for an adventure!

So managing my life lately has been a combination of effective tools and taking time to breathe and be easier on myself. A few Mlee Marker recommendations in list form to be called “THE MM LIST.”


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