The Formal Hello


: something (such as a sign or an object) that shows the location of something

: something that shows the presence or existence of something

: a type of pen that makes wide lines

Thanks for stopping by! I have had this vision of constructing something meaningful/helpful to two different audiences:

  • The junior to mid-level business-minded individual
  • Someone exploring or has an interest in learning about other career paths

My background is grounded in the advertising agency life with a strong slant towards digital and a focus on healthcare. I have spent a lot of time in the industry and have picked up a few things over time that I am happy to share. Things I really would have loved to know when I first started out and earlier in my career.

Some of these elements would be of note in any business-setting and others are a bit more specific to the healthcare industry. In a world of acronyms sometimes you really just need someone to spell them out.


My hope is to provide a little guidance and a point of reference, like a marker. You may be at one point and eager to get to the next. May find some interesting strategies here to help you out!

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