An expat no longer…

This blog post took me a while to write, not because I was strapped for time but rather because I was just purely exhausted. I didn’t feel the extreme fatigue of jet lag this time around; it only took me about a day to be OK again.

I had rescheduled my flight to ensure that I didn’t get caught up in “Superstorm Sandy” per the title provided by the media. I knew it was going to be a pretty big storm and I didn’t want to have any massive delays in travelling back home. I had packed up my suitcases and was in a very fragile emotional state by the time I left. Bittersweet is the word you would use, yet, that doesn’t even begin to truly express how I felt.

I managed to load up just two suitcases, a carry-on and my purse to make my way back home again. I was fortunate to be able to celebrate with friends and coworkers in the last week of my time in London and spent most of the last days crying. I miss the London crew tremendously.

Since being back my goal was to start work & find/move-into an apt. I have also just tried to get up to speed and meet up with friends and family in the interim. It’s been extremely challenging and stressful. Thankfully my aunt and her fiance (and puppies) have welcomed me into their home and I have been commuting into the city. Hurricane Sandy has made transport utterly insane but since Jody and I signed a lease on the lower east side yesterday for December 1st my commute it going to get much better very soon!!

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