All the rowboats…

As Regina Spektor sings in her new song “All the rowboats” – they all are ready to sail away. My time in London is slowly coming to a close but I am still embracing all of the opportunities possible. I have a strong interest in ticking off the items on my bucket list; and so far so good. One Italian restaurant, Centre Point, Harrods all done!

The past few weeks have been crazy at work; including a day trip (4AM – 10PM) to Geneva for business. As much as I enjoy the intensity of my job I do feel that at times it can be a distraction from my project interests which I really wish I had even more time for. 

This past Friday I saw “the Taming of the Shrew” at the globe theatre & tried the delicious pizza express “Padana Leggera” that my friend Leia said was amazing. It truly, truly was. Really enjoyed walking from work down to Southwark; crossing the bridge (any of the bridges really) on a beautiful Friday on your own feels ultra relaxing. I have really embraced the times when I can just go and do something by myself. I feel like I take in more of the city that way versus getting caught up in interesting conversation! Of course, I love spending time with friends & flatmates and my coworkers but I really like having time just for myself to explore and see & experience everything.

Saturday was the thrilling exposure to “Meat Liquor.” Definitely, hands down the best burgers in the city. I was utterly amazed! It’s a very cool, dark environment with wine served in small mason jars & interesting cocktail concoctions. The fries are not chips but actual American-style fries. Haven’t had those in forever & they were delicious. A little post-dinner card playing and wine with the flatmates & Tori and I woke up with a bit of a hangover. I managed to make it to the gym as I would feel utterly sorry for myself if I didn’t go!

We have been in search for a person to take my room over when I leave at the end of October. Man, that has been a struggle! So much organizing and it can be quite exhausting giving the tours and repeating yourself multiple times over multiple days. We had a few people over on Sunday and since my other flatmate has decided to move out as well we have been pulling a bit if double duty trying to get someone for her room too. Honestly looking forward to downsizing & just living with my sister in NYC!

Oktoberfest with my sister Jody & one of my best friends, Nicole is about to begin! I leave for the airport Saturday morning and we return Wednesday evening. Planning to take them both to a pub quiz with work on Thursday and just do a bit of exploring. I believe my cousin Ashley will be in town as well which will be very exciting! Haven’t seen her in forever.

As I haven’t been feeling amazing today I am about to go back to sleep and hopefully feel 100% tomorrow!! Just really needed a non-stressful R&R day and then I should be back in fighting form.


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