Raining and Bursts of Sun – Summer in London to Welcome the Olympics!

People are amazing.

I didn’t know that I would be so amazed by all-things “Olympics.” Yet, here I am typing away on a blog post with the previous day recap playing in the background. “Background” meaning I keep stopping and staring at the screen every couple of minutes. I can’t help it, OK? It’s just utterly amazing to me that individuals have the dedication and passion to train for at least 4 years to only have a moment in the spotlight. I haven’t been as fascinated by badminton or synchronized swimming which wasn’t surprising; the surprising moment for me came when I couldn’t take my eyes off of judo and the heptathlon.

I didn’t know Jessica Ennis existed before this year. I saw her face everywhere I went in the city and started to learn more about her as I continued to live here. I, of course, wanted my USA team to win whenever possible. Yet, I saw myself rooting for GB athletes and teams alongside the American athletes. BBC is obviously focusing on local athletes and it’s so easy to want the best for everyone who competes. Everyone works so hard and I feel as though their story is being told on the iPad, computer and TV screens across the world – a little glimpse into the life of someone with the supreme desire to do well. It feels really special being able to be a part of it in any way possible.

Here is the advertisement from Adidas on Jess Enis. One of my absolute fave ads of all time – it gives me chills whenever I see it. Like just now. Chills; right?! I just love the words:

Queen of the heptathlon, as explosive as a fireworks factory. 3 fractures almost broke her, but in sheffield they’re made of steel. so here’s to her comeback. now for her coronation.


Unfortunately tickets are very difficult to acquire as they are very limited and extremely expensive. There are a couple of free events – such as the cycling, triathlon and marathon. I managed to trek down in the non-summer rainy weather to trafalgar square to watch the US women take on the world in a very long 26.2 miles. My spot was perfect – right next to a large group of East Timor supporters (very random, I know) and a couple of Sheffield men. Everyone was so friendly and just enjoyed the day, despite the torrential downpour and sudden heatwaves. Ahhh, London. Never fail to disappoint.

Some of the friends I was with caught even better pictures and I will be adding those later when they send them over! I cannot express how exciting it was to be “this close” to my idols, Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher. Desiree Davila ended up dropping out because of injury but ALL three of them are amazing women. They were so fun to watch and I have read and watched so many of their videos and interviews and then suddenly I was able to see them in action at one of the most important events of all-time. Even writing it now I still cannot believe it happened. They came around to our spot 4 different times and then we watched the very end on an iPhone from BBC streaming.

After that it was American girl out in the city; grabbing some food and pub hopping including a stop at a Blues Bar near Marylebone. Hyde Park was having a large, free, showing of events on big screens and I was able to watch the 100meter men’s race and cheer with everyone else on the hope for Bolt to win the gold. He did.

Was such an amazing weekend that it was hard to get back to work today. I was exhausted! Unfortunately my knee has been a huge problem the past couple of weeks and I am stuck with cycling, elliptical and sometimes swimming vs running. I REALLY miss running. I think partly because I can’t do it. I am actually quite nervous about it. Sometimes the pain can be so extreme that I feel like I am going to start crying or throw up. Pretty hideous feeling especially when you are out in the public. Like the hair salon for example. BOO. Wednesday I have an appointment with my doctor and I am really hoping for the best. My Osteopath has been very nice and helpful but I think I need x-rays at this point.

In other news, I have a lot of interesting life-events taking place that I cannot openly discuss as of yet. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks I will be able to talk more about that. All I know is that I have realized that I am stronger than I thought I was. I feel brave and happy knowing I will always find the positive, even if I am in a dark place. I admit to myself that I am a naturally happy person and I genuinely avoid and almost shut down a bit when faced with negativity. It makes me sad when I see that to an extreme degree in others; you have to be willing to find the happiness in yourself and the situation. It definitely makes for a better life. Just my little soapbox speech – yet, I truly believe that. As time goes forward I feel confident in the decisions I make and I think coming to London made that happen for me. I trust myself and am proud and happy with who I have become. I have met such amazing people here and cannot begin to express how they have impacted my life for the better. Forever.

So, not wanting to end on such a deep note; here are a couple of my newest favorite pop songs and an amazing video about the Mars “Curiosity” landing. Quite amazing.

People are amazing.


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