Sharing just a few of my favorite things from May & June

So because I have been ridiculously behind on my blog posts (look, I am a busy girl, OK?) I have decided to break them up a bit. The past two months have been exceptionally busy for me but at least I have some fun things to post, right?!

This post is going to focus on a few favorite hot items that I have come across that I think are interesting/unique and might be something you should check out.

1. Nerdist Podcast
I might have mentioned this podcast before; seriously it is amazing. I would go ahead and start with the Brent Spiner or the Neil Degrasse Tyson episode (more to come on him later) if you want to kick-start your interest. A lot of really cool people have been interviewed by the trio. Chris Hardwick is the main guy from all of the dating show fame. Though, he isn’t exactly proud of this past it seems.

2. Neil Degrasse Tyson
How did I not know of this man prior to listening to the interview on Nerdist podcast? It almost depresses me. This little video has become one of my favorites to listen to. randomly. sometimes even at work. it’s true.
My mom and I were having a chat while we walked through the Croatian National Park Plitvice Lakes while on vacation. We were looking at a waterfall and she expressed that you can feel so small when you see something so magnificent. Not to get too emo (bringing the word back in a big way) but I do think Neil’s take on this is one to embrace.

3. Your Father’s Murderer: A Letter to Zachary 
I came across this documentary when checking out top films by year. Do other people do this? Do other people watch movie trailers and go check out lists of top films to make sure they catch-up on the “best of” films? I hope so cause I love doing this. It’s quite relaxing. Anywho – back to the film.

I want to be very honest. This documentary will make you cry. I do not care how strong you are or how unemotional you are during movies. This is a tear-jerker. Despite the fact that I watched this when I got home from my vacation with my family and was already a bit sensitive, I am so glad I did. In addition to being an impressive film (when there are a LOT of crappy films to choose from as of late) I value the need to appreciate the the importance of an individual that didn’t get a chance to live the life they should have. 
Look, just go watch it. Thanks.
4. Keek Video iPhone App
I was downloading a bunch of applications to my iPhone and found a couple I am in love with; one of them being “Keek” ( Apparently a couple of the Kardashian girls use this app quite a bit which obviously is an ENORMOUS influence on my life (*insert sarcasm here*). It is a fun app. Basically you just provide updates via mini-videos and then upload. I did a couple quick videos which are terrible but including one (!y43jaab) just to show the example. Feel free to laugh at my attempt. I will get better if I continue to use it.

If you are really cool you will “keekback.” #justsaying.

5. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
If you like gaming and sci-fi/fantasy movies/books you should absolutely read this book. My dad gave me this as a gift while on vacation which was lucky as I had forgotten to bring my own. I loved it and didn’t want for it to end. Apparently the movie is in the works which is going to be amazing (
Tip: Pay attention while reading because there is a little “afterparty” for this book that continues the game after the last page has been turned. 

6. The Tribez
Everyone already knows about draw something, scrabble and words with friends. I am really liking this other game called “The Tribez.” I was just looking for something simple to occupy my time when I didn’t feel like reading, etc. It’s pretty fun and is FREE. Obviously there are little insertions in the game where real money can be used to make your game go quicker and achieve extra levels more quickly but you can get by without. 
New favorites to come for July in a future post!

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  1. That's crazy that you just finished “Ready Player One” because that's the book I started and finished while I was over in Europe. Except I read mine on my iPad, so I don't think I got to enjoy this “after party” that you speak of. What happens!??

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