Easter has past; time to go to Barcelona!

Starting off this post with another very funny commercial from the UK featuring Yoda (aka puppy) and two girls from the Salon:

So I have been ridiculously busy trying to get my new side project going; very time intensive but so exciting. I would call it a business but it’s too new to see where it will end up going. Some fun things to do on my own outside of work – but I am spending a lot of time learning more about digital advances and keen to to have something of my own that could provide an benefit to the larger population. More to be revealed as I continue on my journey!

I am still adjusting to life in the UK – not sure how long it will take but I am more comfortable and confident that I have ever been 6 months in. My sister and Drew were both in town for a week at a time and being a tour guide to them both proved my local knowledge has vastly improved. So good to see them – it’s tough having people on vacation and you are still living your regular life. I am used to vacationing with people – not staying home and showing people around. Takes a bit to get used to but no more visitors for a while.

Lucy and Drew’s bday were both this past week – I gave Lucy the gift of the Ice Bar (food + drink) – seriously so much fun! Can’t wait for us to go together. Also had some family in town, Eric – tried out a Brazilian Steakhouse in Covent Garden!

Still, I totally miss my family and friends from back home. So many exciting things happening at home and I just want to be a part of it all. I hate being so far away when there are engagements, baby showers, parties, vacations, etc. Plus of course, Isabelle! Also, I miss having things be decently priced – I hate never having money. argh! It’s an amazing city – way too overpriced. I know everyone says that, but it’s true!

Here are a couple pictures from Ice Bar London (go if you can! food and bar are amazing; no the restaurant is not in ice) the duck boat tour (very fun!)

Heading to Munich this Tuesday for a video shoot and then Barcelona is only a couple of weeks away. So friggin’ excited! Going with Lucy, Tori, Eliza and meeting up with Dimitri! Hoooray.

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