Hiking Trip and Making Plans

It’s difficult for me to describe how amazing I felt after going on the hiking trip with the UK Wild Adventures group in Buckinghamshire.

I felt a sense of purpose and ease being with a group of people; some I knew, some I didn’t, touring through a very beautiful, scenic place. I feel at most peace with my decision for moving here when doing activities like this. I even took a moment of craziness to heart, rolling down the mountain and laughing the whole way along.

Still in a situation that is tough for me – where to keep my cat. My bf has been keeping her for me but it’s not the best situation and is a continuous point of stress for me. I feel constantly conflicted about it. I would have no idea this was going to be such an issue.

I have been focusing on getting my taxes done and realizing more and more how annoying it is to live here and do things that seem ridiculous as an expat. Like bank transfers. Such an easy solution – get the numbers of a person’s bank account and transfer money over. This is a standard practice here and completely not the same over in the states. We still take out money or write a check to supply money to a person. Also, taxes are easily reconciled for everyone I live with but myself. It’s utterly frustrating. Taxes and my cat = sore point.

I am again super excited about my sister coming and then Drew (the BF). At the end of April I will be exploring Spain. Barcelona to be exact with my favorite team, Tori and Lucy. Cannot wait!

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