Death and Taxes (and Remembrance)

I am so consumed with completing all of my tax paperwork. 1099s, W2s, TD F 90-22.1. Just a bunch of random forms to be filled out and after two hours I am only midway through it. At least next year it will be easier as I am only earning money in the UK and will not have any stateside income. Very much a relief!

I do have to pay for accountant work out of my own pocket which doesn’t thrill me but it is what it is! I am hoping I can handle it myself next year as I have done all previous years till now. For my first filing as an expat and given that I spent the majority of the year in the states it makes sense to have an expert help me out.

Other than that I have been very tired lately. A big night out with coworkers last week left me dragging; though I made myself stay upbeat! I have been trying to just relax and get work and personal paperwork done as I know I will feel better once it is complete!

I am planning to go for a long run in the park tomorrow though I have heard that it will be quite cold! Yet, I have been running in cold weather this whole time so it’s not really a change. Cannot wait for continuous warmth! Oh wait, I am in London. That will not be happening. haha

At the office
We did a taste testing exercise with the office as some of the Americas (like moi) have not tried Vegemite, Bovril and marmite. Everyone was shocked at the very notion of never having tried it. So, a taste testing was prepared – I brought the bread and on we went! Bovril was the best out of the three but apparently you are supposed to have them with cheese and microwave it, etc.

Not my favorite overall but maybe if put together in the traditional way described it would be good. They say you either love it or hate it. I am undecided. I like going against the grain I suppose!

Valentine’s Day
My Valentine’s Day I spent with a couple of my flatmates eating the most delicious Chinese food – London truly has an amazing selection of Chinese food. Is it incredible!! Tonight we had Lebanese food. Also, quite amazing!

I remember being a little girl and visiting my neighbors. They had me hide behind a door as there was a secret gift giver – I believe a rabbit – that wanted to bring me presents. I remember candy and little plastic jewlery. I remember being very happy.

Then they moved away and their family was replaced my an obsessive-compulsive man that cared about two things: his lawn and his car. He was the man who yelled at us to remain far from his home; yet the street was compiled of mostly families with children. Why would you move there if you couldn’t be bothered with children?? So weird. The point is that I feel so fondly about these memories that are so hazy as if they are not real. I feel like that about a lot of the time I spent with my real father.

I remember vivid moments of time with him but the details are so dark as if plunged into night.

It’s weird the moments you reflect on. Every February 19th I struggle a bit with reconciling that my father has past and that I am OK. It never seems to be just another day but I feel solid in my foundation and my family’s support that enables me to feel good about where we all have come.

Depressing note to end on but it’s the truth about me now and as important to reflect upon as the silly or fun.


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