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New hobby is Pinterest. I would think most people are hearing about it or just about to. The site basically allows for you to capture all of your interests and explore new interests through visual categorization and then share. Here is an image from my Pinterest.

Some people set-up one for us to use that would be relevant for our business. I read an article about it being the number one traffic driver to retailers. I definitely think it’s Worth checking out!

Visit to the states

I did also have a chance to go back to the states for a bit at the end of January. That was quite fun! Was able to see old colleagues and family and friends. It was actually quite tough being back because it did feel so natural. Yet, the more time I spend in London the easier it gets. There are things I don’t like about it but I think that’s more about finding my way through my job versus the lifestyle of London.

UK Socials and Jody Visiting!
I am trying to be very conscious of spending here. I want to be able to have more money for travelling and not spend too much on food and going out. I think things are too pricey here for the most part and have been really good about cooking in as much as possible and don’t drink during the week much except for the random social occasion. I save it all up and then let loose on the weekends. Really like it that way! Also, this allows for more sleeping opportunities than during the week.

My sister is visiting next month and I CANNOT WAIT! I wish both sisters could visit but I am thrilled even just to have Jody out for a time. I have been writing down all of the activities we could do together from food to shopping to pubs! Maybe even a little weekend trip somewhere?

Business: Sheryl Sandberg
I have been fascinated (as has most of the newspapers) in the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. She is so interesting to me. I have included a little video about her thoughts on Women and Leadership. Also, I am so impressed with the interactive transcript on that allows for you to pick a spot in the transcript and the video automatically plays from that exact location. So very cool!
Worth looking at the interactive transcript mostly because it’s so cool – connects directly with the video.

BAFTAs and Football
Planning on watching the BAFTA’s tonight. Went for a long run in the park today as I am seriously considering the 10K in May in London. I think it would be very cool – trying to convince Lucy that this is a good plan. Not sure if I am being persuasive enough.

We met a girl at the local pub in Camden where I am house sitting for a friend that is on a women’s football (American “soccer”) team and they are looking for new players! Lucy and I may end up playing with them. That starts in March. I am thinking it will be a bit of a time commitment but I would imagine that I will love it. I am always up for organized sports! 🙂

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