NHS Registration

I just got back from registering with my GP for the first time since moving here. I feel like this is one of the rites of passage of someone who is officially an expat. Not that I have an actual list for moving to the UK but a few things would be:

  • Open a bank account
  • Move to a flat
  • NHS registration
  • Oyster card purchase
  • Sign up for a gym
  • Cancel your phone/bank/contracts from your home country
  • Accepting new food choices
  • Talking about the latest TV show/celebrity and actually knowing who they are
  • Caring about the rising prices of public transportation
  • Giving (accurate/correct) directions
Just to name a few. Please feel free to add any to this current list!
So back to registration. I expected an actual office like they are in the states. I would see maybe a small parking lot with large signs that could produce a light in order to function even when it is dark. Nope! In the small residence square there was one door that had a couple of signs referring to “NHS.”
Something like this:

I walked in the standard door that could be a doorway to a Londoner’s home. I was a bit surprised but when I walked in I saw the standard window that is in every doctor’s office in America and it was back to normal. Please note for anyone needing to register in the future – Urine samples are required in addition to filling out quite a few forms. It didn’t take very long at all though – about 40 minutes total.
Then I was able to walk along Edgeware Road and pick up some random things I needed.Tonight is my friend Tori’s 30th birthday party. Really looking forward to celebrating with her and Lucy and having a fun night!

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