The holiday is over…back to business!

2012 resolution: learn French. I already reached out to a nearby locale called the French alliance which is nearby me to join their 10-week program. One starts in January and the other in April. It’s quite pricey and I have quite a few travels coming up so may have to wait it out till April but at least I am trying to make it a true resolution. Though last January I resolved to quit smoking and I did. Maybe I am a little hard on myself or maybe there is something to resolutions that make me do what I should be doing.

In the spirit of resolutions here are a few additional items I am fully invested in doing as well:
Half-marathon in Europe
Kick of new business
Travel to at least 3 countries before summer
Finishing writing the story I have been working on by the end of the year
Be a good friend and family member and keep contact as much as possible

As my friend Lucy said today, this is the year of “yes.” I love that concept; saying yes to everything.

Being here has been hard, rough and exhausting. Yet, it has also been wondrous, magical and allowed me the point of perspective in many ways that I never knew I needed. Just going down St. Christopher’s street off the main drag of Oxford street (which is complete insanity running up to xmas) makes me so excited.

My long time boyfriend and I broke up in my move here and when I was able to see him on holiday break in the states I realized how lucky I am to continue to have him in my life. The same with friends and family I was able to see….it’s easy to forget how much they mean till you are away and then get to be back together.

Look at my adorable younger sister with the board she painted. Such a talent!

Still, I want to make it work here and knowing I work with great people in a fabulous city makes me feel good. Plus I have made great friends and want to see my life play out a bit here and experience new things that I wasn’t going to get where I was before.

Look who was waiting for me on arrival back to heathrow? So sweet right? Haha

Now for plotting trips and activities with the girls while watching “Mamma Mia” and reading up a bit on the gossip from
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