Lack O’ Sleep is not an Irish Pub

These past couple of weeks was pretty intense at work which left little time to sleeping or doing anything else but well, working.
A lot of long working nights meant a couple of nights stopping by the local Irish pub for a pint (or two) so that my life wouldn’t be comprised of only work then bed. I am little bit obsessed with the pub down the street – though mostly older men frequent the place I feel comforted by the ambiance. The one night I stopped by there was a wake that was more about celebration than sadness. Also, there was an Irish football game on so everyone enjoyed a bit of that while they celebrated the life of their friend and family member. Apparently this had been going on for a couple of days so they were all a bit lit up. I met a couple of very nice people – I feel like that’s the theme of my experience. Unexpected new friendships in the oddest of places.

I definitely miss friends and family from back home and since I just booked my ticket I am looking forward to seeing the girlies (dinner plans are all ready booked; yay!), family (Campbells, Bowdens, Boekes, etc), friends and Izzy-face.

Decided to make a quick list of my current “likes” and “dislikes” about living in London:

London Loves Bloody Hell
Cider Texting while walking in central london
Beautiful Sights Public transport closures
Kettles & Tea Way too close and personal on all transport
Fish & Chips People walking out of a store and stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and looking around
The melodic sounds of accents and different languages Extremely loud phone conversations on the bus in many different languages
Amazing location names Lack of peanut butter and wheat pasta
Amazing friendly people and great London friends (ie Lucy, Andy, Tori, Mikey, Steph, etc) The sense of panic everytime you cross into a heard of people at a major walking intersection or outside of a tube station in Holborn

I would love it if there was a coinstar out here as well…the amount of coinage is a bit extreme. I am sticking to some of the things I know from back in the states – ie enjoying some “Waking Dead Season 2”- so glad that I get that show over here! As everyone knows, I love a good zombie flick and entire show is even better!

Other little fun things from the past two weeks:

  • Little cafes are economical and the service is terrible and the food is only fair
  • Perrier in a can is so cute; I am surprised that more fizzy water isn’t available here cause it’s my fave
  • You CAN have multiple Thanksgiving dinners in the UK – just need to know the right people. Thanks to Leslie and Steph I had two amazing Turkey dinners with some new friends (Pics of Berkhamsted and London where I ate some delicious food including hanging out a bit with a super sweet border collie)

  • Frankfurt is a beautiful city – I only spent a night there with Steph saying some basic German for work and need to get back
  • I had multiple bday celebrations and have included some new pics of those (Cake and Wine from Work; Cupcakes and wine from Tori); very sweet

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One response to “Lack O’ Sleep is not an Irish Pub”

  1. Your dislikes in London seem to boil down to:

    A: Dealing with people in public spaces
    B: Peanut Butter

    I think coming home will solve both problems, at least for a short time.

    Keep writing, I love it.

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