eCards, laptops and all things wonderful…

First of all – following someecards on Twitter has revolutionized my life. I know I will laugh everytime I look at their tweets even though I may be swirling in a daze of pessimism.

Will I ever get married, am I making a mistake doing A, B, and C? Click to Twitter and the post reads “ I’m torn between Burger King’s desire for me to see Indiana Jones and Burger King’s desire for me to see Iron Man,” “It’s time we all accepted the Gay Pride Parade isn’t much gayer than any other parade” or “ My agonizingly trivial Twitter updates only confirm the bone-chilling hollowness of my existence,” and I cannot help but laugh aloud, even if someecards doubts me. (
In other news – my laptop was out of commission for less than 48 hours because of Dell’s awesome service. Thankfully Dimitri and I were smart in our purchase and got the 3-yr warranty that just hooked me up with quick parts delivery and at-home service. Having to chat with the serviceman about foreclosures, cicadas, and the weather was just an added bonus. I felt naked and alone with my laptop displaying grid-like marks and black lines, and I am starting to think I just might be a tad too addicted to the Internet. I say oh well and keep browsing.

My laptop not working deflated my motivation for revising my Fulbright essays. The feedback I received requires quite a bit of work. Whereas I had written about concrete examples of implementing social media into TEFL, it has been requested that I express more passion and interest in Spain as a country. I do have the passion, I just haven’t written an essay in a few years and it’s more obvious than I would like it to be.

I am in the midst of planning going away get-togethers for the end of summer in preparation for the big move in August. In the meantime there are essays to write, grammar to learn, Spanish to study, cats to cuddle-with….you get the gist.

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