Plurking, Twittering, Pouncing all up’n hurr.

It’s been a few days since my last post – but I have been busy so stop nagging peeps. Also, my laptop is “sick” right now. I instant messaged with SLCg_Robert_168499 and he informed me that within 2-5 days the parts should be available and then the service guy will arrive and solve all of my laptop issues.

Exciting news is that I am testing a new part-time role as an online English tutor. I figure it will help provide a basis of what I can expect on “the next big move” as I now calling it. I have literally moved at least every two years since my first year of high school. I am intrigued to see where I end up living for 3 years. It may just never happen. I never really saw myself as restless – but maybe I just refuse to acknowledge it.

As stated in my Twitter posts; I am practicing Spanish on a daily basis with a little Turkey mixed in to break it up. Oh, and Ebay and application writing for the Fulbright. My life is so “living-on-the-edge-like” isn’t it? Yet, with all of my Nintendo DS Spanish game, Rosetta Stone and Audiobook Spanish on my iTouch, I still feel like I am lacking at proficiency. Sometimes in my dreamland (or after a few glasses of wine) I envision that I am proficient. I believe I will get better, it’s just taking a while and I feel the time constraint of my language assessment closing in on me.

I had some interesting news stories and such to post, but they will have to wait till I get my laptop back in working condition!


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