First draft complete!!! and other fascinating news…

I must start off with a nod to a story that captured my interest and can be deemed as relevant to my blog (all things come back to MY blog right? Well they should).

A news story from the Chicago Tribune by Eric Zorn ( discussing McCain’s pronunciation error of the Iran leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad included a link to one of my favorite sites Forvo ( In daily conversations I haven’t found myself ever saying “Ahmadinejad,” so my attempt to try and say it was much worse than McCain’s. I then engage my Mom about it briefly and she says it perfectly, just like the native speaker from Forvo. Okay, so maybe McCain and I need to brush-up on “world leader’s names and pronunciation.” A fun game for the whole family.

Also I found the challenge posed on the WikiProject EduTech page on Wikipedia to be interesting! The challenge/goal is “that representatives of the EduTech community work on any one of the many lamentably poor articles in their field, and get them up to at least Good article status, ideally Featured article status, within the next sixty days.” (
The lamentably poor articles being those related to incorporating technology into education.

I have finally finished (hoooray) my first draft of my proposal and purpose statement for the Fulbright to the Lehigh professor helping me through the process! I know there will be many, many, many more rewrites before I submit the application, but I am still excited about at getting through the first write-up!

In other news and possible future goal: How long would it take to gain 25,000 followers like Scobleizer on Twitter? Apparently around 12,000 updates…

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