The beginning…

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but never felt I had anything worthwhile to say…I now realize that I want to collect my thoughts and feelings for personal gain as well.

I am about to embark on a really amazing experience (at least I hope it will be amazing).

My story (in very short form): I had graduated from college with a business degree in marketing and communications and have spent the last three years working within the interactive marketing and advertising sector. I have had the opportunity to work in publishing as an intern in NYC to pharmaceutical advertising in Philadelphia. In order to move away from sounding like a resume/CV lets just say that I had some good and bad experiences. I have personally experience “the Devil Wears Prada” type of boss and have felt caged by the three cube walls that I began to view as a second home. At the same time I have been challenged and had the thrill of working through some complicated material or project successfully. I always struggled tremendously with accounting and finance in college but somehow managed to do quite well when faced with required budgeting tasks.

About a year ago my boyfriend was able to get a relocation opportunity to the south of Spain through his employment to start this summer. We started to consider what we should in terms of my career, blah blah. Countless (and I meant countless because I am definitely one of those people who go over-the-top in terms of planning and preparation) conversations later we had decided to possibly get married. Then we decided maybe not…time was limited and it was stressful enough moving to a foreign country. Also, I wouldn’t be able to work over in Spain. If I did choose to get my certification for TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) there was no guarantee that I would get a job and a work permit as a non-EU. (I will discuss all of my research on this subject in a later post).

Finally it all came to a halt as he needed to go over there early and I am not sure how it will all play out. I have decided that after endless research about the best opportunities for teachers in EFL/ESL that I will go to Eastern Europe. Istanbul, Turkey specifically. I have a friend (who has been ridiculously helpful) teaching there now and think this might be the best option.

Also, I am applying to the Fulbright program for a teaching assistantship in Spain for the 2009-2010 school year. (More to come in later posts on this as well)

So that is my first blog. My last year of decision-making and stress all wrapped up in a few paragraphs. Regardless, I am so excited about what the future holds.

Well that wasn’t really all that hard. Maybe I am self-absorbed and like writing about myself. 🙂
That couldn’t be it…

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  1. Hey, tina it is me leia, i love your blog it is really good, i like how funny you make things, like talking to your cat or about twitter… well… just wanted to read your blog love ya see you later… Leia

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